Drawing on the support, knowledge, and enthusiasm
of a select group of stylists, SalonFront
was established in January 2010.

The owners of SalonFront have, over time, come to recognize the value in
employee-owned Salons and have implemented this innovative ownership
model. Stylists here have the opportunity to become owners and
stakeholders in the success of the salon.

What does this mean for you?
An employee-owned and operated salon means that each
time you walk through the doors, you will access a team
of stylists with many years of combined experience
in the Salon industry. As owners, each of these
professional stylists has a vested interested in
the success of SalonFront. This success can only
be made possible by providing clients with
remarkable experiences and consistent results.

At SalonFront, our mission is to ensure
Remarkable experiences,
Consistent results and an
Innovative product line second-to-none.

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